Jobs are disappearing, what will you do?

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September 2, 2017
September 19, 2017
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Jobs are disappearing, what will you do?

Last year 53 million people, a whopping 34 percent of the workforce were freelancers!  By 2020 just three years from now industry leaders say it will be 43% of the labor force will be freelancers! By the early 2030’s 38 million jobs will be replaced by robots.  Let that sink in that is almost 4 out of 10 jobs replaced.  Already you see Wells Fargo closing offices all over the country because they are automating what a human used to do for them.  Financial analysts PwC say that financial services is going to be the hardest hit as a matter of fact.  There are plans that could dislocate 61% of workers.

What does this mean for you?  Our schools aren’t preparing our kids for this brave new market.  How did your school do for you?  Are you prepared for the coming trend?  What does it mean for your child?  What is the best way to situate yourself right now?  I have always thought that a second passive income is the best way to guard against with what the market can hit you. There are several ways of doing that but it is important to start your journey to the second income now.  You will be doing yourself and your children a huge favor.  Learn to be an entrepreneur and teach your children.

Real Estate gurus have been saying for years, real estate is a great passive income business.  They are right!  Online marketers have touted online marketing as a terrific way to build passive income.  Again they are right!  There are multiple people who can point to websites they put up in the late ’90’s that are still making money everyday, they couldn’t make them stop if they wanted to.  How about network marketing. I can hear you groan right now, but there is no denying that MLM has made a thousands of millionaires and even more people generating 6 figures annually. I met a guy just last year at a marketing meeting that was making an extra $75k a year just filling out surveys and being part of focus groups.

I am one of those that sat on his hands, and some super hot information for years.  Finally, this year I started to take action on some of the opportunities I examined and bought into.  I was looking for one that would pay off.  If you keep an eye the next few weeks I will be writing about them here on this blog and I will be posting some links on my recommendation page so you can read more about them yourself.  Hopefully, you will find one right for you.  Just imagine if you could make an extra $40k, or $100k a year that you could invest in your future.  When the robot comes you can just say have at it, I am fine the way I am.


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