It all starts over today!

It all starts over today!
September 1, 2017
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September 2, 2017
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It all starts over today!

This site has been sitting here empty for 3 years.  I was going to really tweak it out when I started it. Never got to it.  Things were tooo overwhelming for me, it was too technical and I am not a technical person.  So there it sat. What is different today?  This week I took on “The Quick Start Challenge”. The first step of that challenge was to get this blog post out and get this site up and running.  It was the boot in the rear end I needed because here it is! Was the technical stuff that hard? Not really and that’s what sucks.  Because of my inaction I never found out how easy it really is.  Now I know it is UGLY, but to me right now it is the prettiest little post out there because it is the start of something big.

There are some lofty goals at stake here and over the next few weeks, if you follow along, I will let you know just how I did. Some of you may know my story but for those who don’t, I wasted a lot of money trying to make money online. That all came to and end this year, this year I started fumbling my way through and I actually made money, OK kind of money.  But the goal is for this to become a sustainable business that produces a steady income that I can support myself and my wife. This challenge is the promise of getting the foundation I need to do just that.  I see the vision and it has me totally engaged.

Follow along and find out for yourself just how rewarding this will be!


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